Dakar 2016 route: Peru, Bolivia, Argentina

dakar_2016_routeToday was unveiled the official route of Dakar 2016 Rally. As you already know, for the first time of the Southamerican history of the rally, Chile will be not at the racing tracks, due heavy disasters in the north region of the country.

However, Dakar 2016 still will pass trough 3 countries – Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. So, the participants won’t miss the desert… The start of Dakar 2016 will be on 3 January 2016 in Lima, Peru. After few days, the caravan will direct to southeast and enter Bolivia, at the well known region of Uyuni. The 3rd country in the menu will be Argentina, with rest day in Salta (10 January) and the finish line in Rosario on 16 January.

More details about Dakar 2016 route to follow!

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