Leg 6 of Africa Eco Race 2015 cancelled

africa_eco_race_2015_leg6_cancelled-3Poor weather conditions in Mauritania because of a sandstorm, were part of the reasons for cancelling the yesterday’s 6th stage of Africa Eco Race 2015. The participants left the bivouac close to Dakhla at the Atlantic Ocean shore with nice spring weather, and the first bike started at 5 :30 for the 370km long liaison towards the Mauritanian Border.

After the very long customs checks to get in the Islamic Republic as the formalities have been reinforced as well as the identification process. The participants in Africa Ceo Race 2015 unfortunately didn’t take the start of the stage due to bad weather conditions. Indeed, after a stop in Nouadibou in order to stamp the visas of all the staff and material, the three helicopters – race direction, médical and television – were not authorized to take off because of a very bad visibility caused by a sand Storm in Northern Mauritania.

africa_eco_race_2015_leg6_cancelled-4Therefore, stage 6 of Africa Eco Race 2015 had to be cancelled as security is THE priority of the race. The participants joined the bivouac in Chami, set in the middle of the beautiful dunes, waiting for the next stage to discover the beautiful landscapes of Mauritania.

Today, the weather is ok, and the participants are ready to start the 433 km long stage between Chami and Azougui.

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